Monday, September 18, 2006

Bantayan Island

The Budyong Beach Resort in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu.

Bantayan island, north of Cebu is composed of three towns: Bantayan, which is the biggest, Sta. Fe, where most of the exquisite white beaches can be found and Madredijos. Aside from the beautiful white beaches, Bantayan island is famous for its eggs. More than a million eggs are laid everyday from the several poultry farms that are all over the island. The island comes alive especially during the Holy Week when tourists would swoop down to the island, not really for the religious festivities but for the beach and the various bands and shows that are staged throughout the week. Since the resorts cannot accommodate the many tourists, tents are put up along the beaches. After the Holy Week, the island becomes so peaceful again. The atmosphere is so quiet and leisurely that it is a good peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of a busy life.

Sta. Fe Beach Club in Bantayan Island.
Ogtong cave with freshwater pool.

The Church of Bantayan which dates back to the 16th century. The priests from the Vicariate of Ormoc posing for pictures during our Easter break to Malapasqua and Bantayan islands last April 16, 2006.

Camotes islands

Camotes Islands are a group of four islands between Cebu and Leyte. The two main islands of Poro and Pacijan are connected by a mangrove-fringed land bridge. The only town of San Francisco(San Fran is its popular name) is in Pacijan Island, while Poro has two towns: Poro and Tudela. The third island of Ponson has the town of Pilar. This island is the one nearest the island of Leyte. The fourth island of Tulang Diot is the smallest and the village there belongs to the town of San Francisco. A good number of beach resorts have recently opened especially in San Fran where most of the beautiful white beaches can be found. The above picture is from the Santiago Bay Garden & Resort.
From the Mangodlong Rock Resort in San Fran, Camotes

The Boho Rock Resort which is just near the town proper of Poro.

My Little Island Hotel, the newest hotel in Camotes is nestled in the hills of Poro with a commanding view of the sea. It has an infinity pool at the back that seems to connect with the ocean below.

In the island of Pilar, Kawit has the best white beach. There a few resorts around the island of Pilar but none can boast of the white sandy beach like that of Kawit, which is at the other end of the island from the main town of Pilar.

The cave pool near the town of Pilar

Monday, September 04, 2006

Dalutan island in Almeria, Biliran

Dalutan Island belongs to the town of Almeria in the province of Biliran, Philippines. It is just 15 minutes away by boat from the Agta Beach Resort in Almeria. It has a beautiful white beach on just one part of the island as the rest is already rocky and sits on a promontory. The island is forested together with lots of coconut trees. There are also some exotic birds that can be seen there. The island is uninhabited. A caretaker would just arrive daily to collect the rent. Aside from the kiosks that can be used for picnics there is already a cottage where one can stay overnight. There are no amenities, just plain adventure, Robinson Crusoe style. Being near the mainland and yet isolated enough, it a good place for a hideaway and to be alone with nature.

The white sand beach of Dalutan.

We stayed overnight on the island

Frs. Elmo and Norman feasting on the lechon.

Fr. Elmo and Ronnie

Frs. Alcris, Saca, Erby and Benjie enjoying a light moment on the sea.

Frs. Erwin and Elmo and Ronnie enjoying the sea in Dalutan.

The Agta Beach in Almeria is the jump off point for Dalutan island.

Setting the table at Agta Beach before embarking for Dalutan island

At the Agta Beach Resort in Almeria