Friday, May 14, 2010

TADYAW BEACH RESORT & SPA, Brgy Tanghas, Tolosa, Leyte

One of the newest beach resorts along the eastern coast of Leyte is the Tadyaw Beach Resort & Spa in Brgy. Tanghas, Tolosa, Leyte. It occupies more than a hectare of land and has plenty of open spaces which can cater to big groups. It has a nice landscaping with a good number of coconut trees for shade. Aside from the tents, cottages and a pavilion for day picnics, the resort now has one big guest house than can accommodate ten persons and three cottages good for four persons for overnight stay which are air conditioned and with flat TV with cable. It does not yet have a spa. They have already built a building for their restaurant, but it has not opened yet. One can request for short orders of food instead.

Although the resort opened about two or three years ago and I have been passing by the place every now and then, I haven’t got the chance to get inside to explore it. There is an entrance fee of fifty pesos if one does not plan to rent one of the cottages and the guards are strict in collecting the fees. On two occasions I tried to ask that I be able to enter just to look around and take pictures but I was not allowed unless I paid first the entrance fee. Recently however, I got invited by the Chancery personnel as they were giving a despedida party to three sisters who were working in the archdiocese and were soon leaving for their new assignments. The invitation was for dinner. My arrival was just perfect as the full moon was rising over the horizon on a clear cloudless night casting golden ripples across that gentle sea. There were some European visitors who were invited to the party and they were gushing forth with delight at the sheer sight of that majestic view. It was one of the rare occasions when I felt sorry for not bringing my camera so that I could capture the expressions of that fleeting moment.

Since the group were staying overnight, I decided the following morning to go back so that I could take pictures of the place. This time I had no problem getting inside the resort.

Note: This beach resort was totally destroyed by super typhoon Yolanda in Nov 8, 2013. The resort has been permanently closed since then.

The signboard along the National Road

The huge Tadyaw or clay jar which from which the name of the resort is taken..

The beach is brown and the Olot hill is seen at the background.

One of the cottages for a day's picnic

There are lots of coconut trees and well-maintained lawns.

The cottages are set apart from each other allowing for more privacy.

The Pavilion

The Guest house which can accommodate at least ten guests for an overnight stay. It is fully airconditioned.

The coconut trees along the shore were made to bend towards the sea. 

The building for the restaurant. It's not yet functioning though.

The lawns are beautifully landscaped.

The three cottages for overnight stay are airconditioned with flat wall TV with cable.
A peak inside one of the cottages.