Sunday, June 01, 2008

Beach Resorts along Villaba - Palompon Route

Beach Resorts along the Villaba - Palompon road have sprouted in the last two years. It is a 20km stretch of road coasting along the western shores of Leyte. The waters of the sea here are usually clear as the sea is mostly of pebbles and rock. Unless it is Habagat, most of the time the waters are calm. There are a good places for snorkeling as just a few meters from the shore there are already vegetations with small fishes. There are a few corrals that can be found. Most of the resorts are only for day-picnics but some of them have accommodations for an overnight stay. Here are the seven resorts that can be found along the road:

1. Danmar Beach Resort, Abijao, Villaba.
This is the first beach resort that one passes by after the town of Villaba. It is good for day picnics. There are 12 kiosks under the lovely shade of coconut trees. They have a beautiful flower garden and the steps going down to the beach from the road is well landscaped. The sea is clear and the beach is of pebble stones.

2. Abijao Lane Beach. Abijao, Villaba.
The sea waters in this beach are clear. Unlike Danmar, the small beach front here is sandy with but a few pebbles. However, to the sides of the beach front there are cemented alleys fronting the sea. About fifteen meters from the shore one can already have a good place for snorkeling. There are two big kiosks which can accommodate about 30 persons at 200 pesos. There are also a good number of smaller makeshift kiosks for 60 pesos. It has a parking space.

3. Mon and Mila Beach Resort, Tagbubunga, Villaba.
This beach resort lies midway between Villaba and Palompon. It is owned by an elderly couple Filemon and Mila Pantaleon, hence the name of the beach. The waters are also clear. However, during low tides, one has to wade further from the rocky shore in order to bath. There are also some good coral formation.
The resort also has a three simple bedroom bungalow, one room having an aircon. There
is also a nipa hut cottage on the side with 3 bedrooms. Toilet and bath are common.

4. Carlyns Beach Resort, Sitio Badian,
Lomonon, Palompon
This is 13 km away from Villaba. Owned by Marlene Laurente. There are several tables for picnic. It has a pebbled beach. There is a two-storey house for overnight stay. The rooms on the second floor are airconditioned with a beautiful view of the sea. They have private bath. The rooms below have electric fans only with common bath outside. The kiosks are for 150 and others 100 per day. The only down side of this resort is that it has no parking space. You just park at the side of the road. There are 31 steps going down from the road to the beach.

5. Lingganay or Avelino Morita Beach Resort,
Lomonon, Palompon
This beach has the best site for snorkeling. The waters have good vegetation and some coral growth. Even during low tides, the waters don't really subside that much and the waters always remain clear. It sits on a rocky promontory. One has to walk over a small hill with 46 steps going down to the beach. However, to the left side of the resort there is a pathway which leads to the mangroves. There are three picnic cottages over there which sit over the waters by the mangroves.

6. Juan-Titang Beach Resort, Sabang, Palompon
It is just 2km away from Palompon. There are 4 cottages two of which are single suite rooms at 1,000 pesos each, the two other cottages are two bedroom cottages with 3 rooms at 800 and one 500 pesos. (Jan 2008 rates). They have an open space for big celebrations. In the middle of the resort is a fishpond. There is a restaurant for simple orders. Otherwise they would order from town. Owned by the Marquez family. The beach here is already sandy brown.

7. San Juan Beach Resort, Sabang Palompon.
This is a two-storey resort which is just near the town proper of Palompon. It has 4 single rooms and another 4 rooms with queen size bed. The rate includes free breakfast. The only downside to the resort is that the bathrooms are common. There is a swimming pool at the back. You have to walk across the road towards the beach. But the beach here is not as good as the others because it is sandy and almost clayish. Hence, the water, unless the sea is really calm, is not always clear.