Sunday, October 21, 2012


              Visitors are welcome at the fish port. One has to sign first the log book at the main gate of the fish port. Then I was asked to proceed to the Food Safety Compliance Unit office (FSCU) where I had to rent a pair  of white boots. All the workers in the fish port wear white boots and visitors are likewise asked to do so. Twenty pesos was the rental operated by a cooperative.  Then a security guard was assigned to me as my tourist guide. There are three market areas in the port. Market one is for the delivery of the tuna fish, market 2 and 3 are for small fishes with market two for domestic sales and market 3 for canning.  The people were very respectful and even where the tuna where being weighed, they would give way for picture taking with  the visitor.  

The gate entrance to the Fish Port Complex of General Santos

Once the tuna fish arrive at the port they are examined and weighed.

From the boats the fish are hauled to the market

Tuna being weighed

Boats with freshly caught tuna arrive at the Port of Gen San

The fish port of Gen San

Fish being prepared for weighing

Fish being readied for transport inside trucks filled with ice

Buyers trying to examine the tunas.

Other fish are being prepared to be placed inside boxes

The gills are also separated

The panga part of the tuna

Other smaller fish are also found in the Fish Port

Fish being readied for transport 

Trucks are ready to transport newly caught fish

Monday, September 24, 2012

Socsksargen Tour : Day 3 – Lake Sebu lotus pond, waterfalls and zipline

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato has a beautiful cool climate.    Although it was still cold, I was already up early as I wanted to catch the blossoming of the lotus flowers on the lake.  Read in the Ambot ah! blog about his canoe ride on the lake to picture the lotus blooms and was inspired just to do the same.   William, the owner who was already awake said that he would accompany me. So off we went descending from the resort to the lake. Along the way we met one of the workers of the resort, Kulas whom William asked to come along with us to paddle the boat. At the bank of the lake William asked  some residents that we be allowed to use one of the canoes lying there.  With Kulas paddling and  maneauvering  around the fish pens that surrounded the lake me and William had the time taking pictures of the blooming lotus.  With no outrigger, it was scary at first to ride the canoe as we had to keep our balance perfectly to avoid the canoe being overturned. We returned to the resort just in time for breakfast.
Lake Sebu being a mountainous area is also noted for its several waterfalls. The  newest attraction of the town is their zip line at the Seven Waterfalls.    However, after breakfast, William brought  us to a private falls which was within the newly bought property of their son. This was in Tasiman, a barangay of Lake Sebu  seven kilometres away from  town.  The couple said that they want the falls just to remain private to keep the surrounding pristine.  It is only to their guests that they would like the falls to be open.  We had a good time bathing and swimming in the falls.
After the visit to the private falls of the Monte Cielo, we right away proceeded to the famous zipline of Lake Sebu. It was my first time to ride on a zip line and sure it was a very memorable experience. The first few seconds was scary as one drops from a dizzying height but after that it was an exhilarating experience as one surveys very captivating sights of waterfalls one after the other, rivers and tree canopies. There are two lines that you take, the first consists of 740 meters and the second is 400 meters long.  For weekdays the price for the ride is 250 pesos and 300 for weekends.

         With the zipline rush over, we were on our way back to Gensan passing by the town of Surallah, South Cotabato.  We were impressed by the town’s welcome rotunda which displayed various sculptures of men and women in their native costumes.   

The lotus only blooms early in the morning

Monte Cielo Resort as seen from the lake

The lotus flowers serves as the foreground of the Monte Cielo Resort

A fisherman on the edge of his canoe trying to catch some tilapia outside of the fishpens

William and Kulas on the canoe among lotus flowers

In Tasiman, walking down to the private falls of William.

This is the private falls of Monte Cielo Resort found in their newly bought property. 

My cousin Bobby our tourist guide and driver and William, the resort owner

Part of the property that the son of  William bought

The parish church of Lake Sebu

Inside the church of Lake Sebu

The altar table is a huge piece of rock

Along the road in Lake Sebu one can find plenty of stalls selling live tilapias

Tilapias for sale.

Another store selling live tilapias

The Welcome rotunda in Surallah

The parish church of Surallah

Inside the church of Surallah