Sunday, October 21, 2012


              Visitors are welcome at the fish port. One has to sign first the log book at the main gate of the fish port. Then I was asked to proceed to the Food Safety Compliance Unit office (FSCU) where I had to rent a pair  of white boots. All the workers in the fish port wear white boots and visitors are likewise asked to do so. Twenty pesos was the rental operated by a cooperative.  Then a security guard was assigned to me as my tourist guide. There are three market areas in the port. Market one is for the delivery of the tuna fish, market 2 and 3 are for small fishes with market two for domestic sales and market 3 for canning.  The people were very respectful and even where the tuna where being weighed, they would give way for picture taking with  the visitor.  

The gate entrance to the Fish Port Complex of General Santos

Once the tuna fish arrive at the port they are examined and weighed.

From the boats the fish are hauled to the market

Tuna being weighed

Boats with freshly caught tuna arrive at the Port of Gen San

The fish port of Gen San

Fish being prepared for weighing

Fish being readied for transport inside trucks filled with ice

Buyers trying to examine the tunas.

Other fish are being prepared to be placed inside boxes

The gills are also separated

The panga part of the tuna

Other smaller fish are also found in the Fish Port

Fish being readied for transport 

Trucks are ready to transport newly caught fish