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What makes Tumalistis Falls in Caibiran famous is that it is supposed to have the sweetest water in the world. It is not a big falls. After having heard so much of this falls long before, I was even disappointed upon seeing it. There is no pool below where the water falls. Water seeps through the rocks and stones and flows right into the sea. There are big rocks and boulders that surround the area. However, what makes Tumalistis Falls unique and special is that its source does not come from a river or stream from above but its water comes gushing out from the cracks on the mountain side. Hence one can be sure that the water is clean and not polluted. In the not so distant past, even ships would anchor nearby just to fetch water from its springs.

Tumalistis falls is situated about five kilometers from the town of Caibiran going to Cabucgayan. It lies between the barangay of Asug and sitio Rawis of Brgy Uson in Caibiran. It is found on the side of a small mountain which is just beside the sea. The only way to get there is by taking a banca either from Brgy. Uson itself or from the nearby sitio Rawis. As one approaches from the sea, it is partly hidden by the trees that surround it. Since there is no beach to speak of one just have to find some flat rocks where you could place the food for picnic. The sea is very clear and when you start to swim you will notice that the surface water is cold while it is warm below. This mixture of the cold fresh water on top and the warm sea water below could perhaps explain the seemingly oily appearance one can see just below the surface of the water.
Last November just after the All Saints and All Souls day celebration, the six of us priests from the Sts. Peter and Paul Parish took a short break to visit Caibiran. The priests assigned in Caibiran are very good friends of mine. There are two priests assigned as a team. The moderator is a fellow canon lawyer, Fr. Benjie Pantas who hails from the town of Caibiran itself and the other priest, Fr. Tony Sevilla was a classmate of mine in College. Although we told them for sometime already that we will try to schedule a visit but I could only confirm the day before that we will be there. We were told to take the cross country road from Naval to Caibiran instead of the Cabucgayan- Caibiran road as it is still very rough. As they say, the road in some parts is like a dried up river where rocks and stones protrude. They are just starting to cement the roads around the island now. It is good to see that there are already stretches of cemented roads. Biliran has a very good potential for tourist destination if the roads are already cemented.
The last time I was in Caibiran was more than a year ago and I was surprised to see that there were lots of improvements in the church surrounding of Caibiran. A new lawn garden complete with a beautiful fountain adorned the front of the church. They had a new baptistery and chapel of the saints by the side of the church. They are embarking on putting a retablo for their altar. A new carved and gold leafed lectern and altar table have already been in place. (The artisan they had planned to hire to make the retablo just recently passed away, so they are looking for other workers to implement the design). The convento also had a beautiful makeover.
When we arrived, food was almost ready and so just after a short break we proceeded to Tumalistis falls. Although it was cloudy and raining when we left Ormoc, there was a beautiful fair weather when we got to Caibiran. I always thank the Lord for this. It has been a pattern already even if the weather is not good in our starting point the weather would clear when we get to our destination. The sea was calm and the short boat ride was uneventful. We had an enjoyable time in Tumalistis Falls. As usual outings are not complete without good food and even drinks.
The natural beauty of Tumalistis is however marred by the concrete reservoir that has been placed in one of the outlets of the falls. The water tank services the nearby barangay for their drinking water. Although water still gushes out from the overflow, we were told that this was the strongest spout in Tumalistis. We were informed that this reservoir will be demolished to so that the natural beauty of the Tumalistis will be restored.
Just after three in the afternoon we started back to the town of Caibiran. On a spur of the moment we decided that we will visit Tinago Falls which is not far from the road on the way back to Naval. Tinago Falls is majestic. The governor has developed the place and there is a passable road going near the falls.

Tinago Falls in Caibiran

More than a year ago (2006)the front of the Church of Caibiran looked this way (top). Today a fountain was placed in front of it (below).

Caibiran Church in 2008.

The church lawn was just this simple a year ago, (above). Now, they have developed the place and erected some statues all over the place (below).

Caibiran Church in 2008

Fr. Benjie Pantas the Parish Priest of Caibiran

The fountain depicts the four rivers found in Caibiran: Caibiran, Tinago, Calambis and Mapula as the marker below points out.

The baptistery

The Chapel of the Saints

The Church of Caibiran as it looks today. Photo taken April 2011

The five of us priests visiting: Arman, Yeng, Bernie, Lito and Eduard. Fr. Dennis would later catch up with us in Tumalistis

This is the view of Tumalistis falls as one comes in by boat. The falls is partially hidden by the trees.

Waters gushing forth from the cracks of the mountain side.

A reservoir mars the natural landscape of Tumalistis.

The fountainhead

With the absence of a beach, one has to contend with some rocks where we could place our food to eat.

Fr. Dennis just caught up with us arriving just in time.

Fr. Edward taking a shower from one of the outlets of the reservoir

A view of the village of Asug from Tumalistis Falls

Tumalistis Falls

The pipeline which connects from the reservoir constructed in Tumalistis that goes to the village nearby.

Entrance to the Tinago Falls which is also in Caibiran


Wth Fr. Tony Sevilla (2nd from right) our host, in Tinago Falls


Grace said...

Hello! Good on ya for posting the beautiful Caibiran and it's breathtaking falls! and new church. I was born and grew up there til I was five to Luming(Rotairo)and Ben Beringuel.
I don't have much recollection of the town except when going to church and going with my mum to school where she taught and getting chased by turkeys at my godfather's place:) Hopefully one day I can visit again!Best Regards,
God Bless~ Grace(from Australia).

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hi sir i grab some of ur photos here and i post it on face book accout of caibiran...

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thank you for featuring the town.we rarely see this over the net :)

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Well that is so true, we visited for te first time under the same comment that it has the sweetest water in the world. It was a great trip at the end, something worthy!

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