Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bawok-bawok Beach, Can-unso, Merida, Leyte

It was only very recently that I heard of this beach. I could not believe that there is an almost white sandy beach around Ormoc Bay. The beaches in Ormoc are of black sand, while in Merida, the next town after Ormoc going north, the beaches there are almost clayish and dark and in Albuera, Leyte, the next town after Ormoc going south, the beaches are of dark pebble stones. One afternoon, I went in search for this beach as I was looking for a place where we could hold our get together for the parish workers as our way of thanking them for their extra work during the fiesta festivities and as a despedida for Fr. Eduard who was leaving for his new parish assignment in Albuera, Leyte. I was told that in going to Merida, Bawok-bawok beach is just after the barrio of Biasong on the place popularly known as Philmag, the name of the mining company that was there before, where they processed the mines that have been taken from the mountains nearby. This was in the place where the road was winding and going up. On top of the hill, there is a dirt road on the left which goes down to the sea. One would really not suspect that there is a nice beach down there. The place is 20km from Ormoc going to Merida, Leyte. The owner calls the beach as Bawok-bawok, after the name of the trees that line along the beach. The beach only about 50 meters long is ideally located on a private land bordered on the north with some mangrove trees and the south end by a rocky promontory. Since there are no residents nearby, the place is really private. There are a good number of cottages which could be rented for 100 or 150 pesos.

Although not really fine, the sand is light brown to almost white.

Fr. Edward for whom the beach party was tendered.

Our encoders are also having a good time.

Our office workers with Fr. Romel and Sr. Mariz

Our parish workers

The visibility of the waters was not really good only about two meters. One had to dive down in order to see clearly the few vegetation and fishes that were there.

There were practically no corals in this beach. The owner said that it is the result of trawling fishing in the past more than the dynamite which destroyed the corals. After these kind of fishing were totally banned fish could now be caught in the nearby area.

There was a sudden heavy downpour of rain late in the afternoon.

Notice how the heavy rain really caused some big splatter on the waters.


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