Sunday, August 01, 2010


Got again the chance to go to a beach, when the priests of the Vicariate of Palo decided to go for an overnight outing. The place chosen was the Kuting Reef in Macrohon, S. Leyte which just opened a year ago. The resort which is more than a hectare in size has a natural boundary as it sits on a cove. At the end of one cove is the mouth of a river flowing into the sea,  while at the other end are rocks and cliffs. The beach itself is not impressive as it’s made up of dark pebble stones but they have developed and landscaped the place and put up buildings which can be used for vacation and out of town seminars.   The main reception building aside from the lobby and restaurant has a seminar hall which can accommodate about a hundred people.  Perhaps a first in the country, there are three toilet rooms by the lobby as one is reserved for the Bading.  Just outside the main building facing the sea is a veranda which serves as an outdoor restaurant.  There are a number of cabanas and casitas  made of native materials with nipa for roofing. To maintain the native touch of the resort, they covered with a bamboo fence one concrete bungalow building  which houses their dormitory with double deck beds.  One central attraction in the resort is the infinity pool at the middle of the cabanas and casitas. 

Room rates:  Premier Casita – 4,200; Premier Cabana – 2,800, Deluxe Cabana – 2,600; Adventure type (camping tent) – 850 per person. 

They also have a Barkadahan package for groups for 1,500 per person which already includes three meals and overnight stay at the deluxe cabana or casa. A Fun by the Dozen Package is worth 1,350 which includes overnight stay with snacks, dinner and breakfast.  Contact cel: 09056685873.

For snorkeling, one has to go to swim to the right or the left portion of the resort as there are no vegetation at the front part of the resort, just plain sand.  I snorkeled to the left portion of the beach by the rocks.  There were some live corals and plenty of small fishes. Clownfish were aplenty. I also got to see a lionfish and a scorpion fish and about two feet sea snake with a flat body. I got  a bit frightened as I swam past the snake as it turned around with head poised as if to strike. However it just lay there still observing me.

For a vacation where one would like to forget about all cares about everyday concerns, Kuting Reef could be ideal as signal for the cellphones are hard to come by.  There are no signals in the rooms. You have to look for it around the resort.

The front lobby of the Kuting Reef

The outdoor restaurant overlooking the sea.

Since we brought a lechon with us, we had to pay a corkage fee. Food was abundantly served by the resort that the lechon was no longer that necessary.
The bungalow concrete house was fenced with bamboo perhaps to keep the native look of the resort.
Inside the bamboo fence was this building.
There was this private tent-roofed area just in front of our dormitory where we had our dinner.
The dormitory with double decked beds.
The cabanas and casitas of the resort
There was a good number of clownfish playing by their usual home of anemones.
A pair of lionfish gently swimming at the seabed.

The infinity pool
A barely visible scorpion fish in the middle of sea urchins.
They have a separate toilet for the Bading.
At an angle the pool really connected with the sea.
A group picture at the infinity pool
Dinner and drinks at our private casita
The bar by the restaurant.
Clownfishes frolicking among the soft anemones

The beach was mostly of pebble stones
Having breakfast at their indoor restaurant. 
There was a river at the left end of the resort.
The end of the river flows right into the sea.


Anonymous said...

Nice post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

Anonymous said...

Kuting Reef is place to be when one wants to leave all the cares in the world.

Limasawa Island would also be a very welcome feature in this site.
Whalesharks abound there during summer months. Was there 1st of May 2010. It's wonderful swimming with those gentle giants.

Anonymous said...

How much for the cottages and the entrance fee?is there any food or resto in the area?