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I last visited Tangkaan Beach more than three years ago. Got to visit the place one more time when I was invited by the third year theologians of the St. John the Evangelist School of Theology to go with them to Limasawa as part of their Church History class. I had to provide them their transport and a bonus official photographer to go as I also invited my dive buddy, Ronnie Ramirez who has now become a good photographer to come along. We were in Padre Burgos, S. Leyte, where the port is going to Limasawa, by noontime and we were told that the boat would still be leaving by three o'clock in the afternoon. Since there was still time, I suggested to the group that we better go first to swim at the Tangkaan Beach which was just about three kilometers away from the town of Padre Burgos.

There were evident signs of progress that I saw. For one, the road going there has been cemented already. There is now a new private resort owned by a foreigner, married to a Filipina I would suppose. They have a private cove of their own just near the public beach which is separated only by some rock formation.

Some white sand on the beach

The stairs going down the Tangkaan Beach. Photo courtesy by Ronnie.

The statue of St. James protects Tangkaan beach.

A sister was with us. Photo by Ronnie

Photo by Ronnie

Photo by Ronnie



This is the private cove of the Padre Burgos Castle, the only resort in Tangkaan.

They have two kiosks for their guests. The caretaker/guard walking along the beach keeps away non-guests who would venture to their place from the public beach as this is supposed to be a private cove of the resort.

The sandy part of the cove. At the end are the steps going up the resort.

This is the rocky stretch that separates the resort from the public beach of Tangkaan. One can see already the St. James monument at the end.
Entrance to the Padre Burgos Castle.

A view leading to the resort from the gate.
The Theo-3 seminarians with Fr. Aaron their Church History professor (4th from left).

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bong said...

nice and clean beaches huh.. but is this really where the 1st mass was held? wasn't it Masao? just asking.. :)