Thursday, May 05, 2011


The Hidden Island Resort at Bucas Grande really lives up to its name. If you don’t know the place it would be difficult to find as it is hidden behind a small island at the south western part of Bucas Grande Island in Siargao, Surigao. The resort was constructed at the side of an island with the most of the buildings sitting on top of the water and forming like an inverted letter C with both ends jutting out into the waters. At one end is the Karaoke bar and the other end is a floating wharf with four covered kiosks at the edge. The rates are reasonable. The rooms good for three persons range from 2,500 to 3,500 and 4,500 pesos. There are also dormitories with a rate of 500 pesos per person for a minimum of ten persons. They also offer package rates which includes the food and day tours to Sohoton Cove and many other islets of choice with gleaming white beaches.
Though there are no corals in the area, the resort has cages of big fishes, a shark and sea turtles. They also have plenty of live giant clams of varying colors. The owner Mr. Roger Pimentel was saying that he is collaborating with the residents from the nearby village of trying to conserve the coral reefs. There are still people who use cyanide fishing which destroys the corals. Some of these fisher folks he has already employed so that they could really get out of this harmful fishing practice.
For reservations and for more information one can contact them at this number 09173282448/ 09192168380 or its owner Mr. Roger Pimentel 09173282448.

The view of the Hidden Island resort from its main entrance.

There are several islets surrounding the resort that one has several choices of beaches to go to for picnics.

An early morning heavy rain on the resort.

The dining area.

View from the front of the cottages of the resort.

A floating jetty with four covered kiosks at the end.

A Google Earth view of the resort. The jetty forming the other end of the Letter C has not yet been constructed in this google earth map.

Some of the giant clams that the resort is growing.

A giant sea turtle.

A small shark in one of the fishing cages.

With the owner Mr. Roger Pimentel (middle).


Islandvacations said...

It's good that you had savored the beauty of Hidden Island Resort.

Anonymous said...

how do you get to hidden island resort? how much is fare? planning to go there.thanks!

Anonymous said...

ingat sa malaking mata at kulot ang buhok ng kaibigan lahat pinagperahan niya hindi alam ng may-ari ng sasakyan, huwag mag-iwan ng pera pag nandiyan iyan.