Thursday, April 23, 2015


An Easter recollection and outing  of the CBCP employees brought us to the One Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan. After an early morning drive, a bus load of us arrived at the Cathedral of Alaminos where we had our breakfast.  Then we went to the Lucap wharf which was the jump off point for the island hopping.  Our first stop was the Governor’s Island.  We climbed up the hill where one could see a panorama of islands.  On top of the hill there was also the statue of St. Joseph the Carpenter,  Patron of Alaminos.  Connecting the Governor island to the Virgin island was a floating footbridge made of orange plastic jugs. There was also a zipline from this island to the Governor island.  The next island which we just passed by was the Romulo Island and Marcos Island.  We had our lunch and swimming at the Quezon  Island where there was a good growth of corals and a good number of giant clams. In the afternoon we also went to another island for more swimming.  Finally on the way back we passed by one island where there was a cave and bats in it. 

Alaminos, Pangasinan
Founded: 1610

Lining for breakfast at the Alaminos Cathedral. 

Breakfast was prepared by the Alaminos Cathedral, care of the Diocesan Administrator, Msgr. Ragudos. 

On the boat for the island hopping at the Hundred Islands National Park. 

A floating footbridge connects the Governor's Island to another islet. 

The boat dock at the Governor Island. 

View from on  top of the Governor Island. 

The 15-feet statue of St. Joseph the Carpenter at the top of Governor Island. 

The floating footbridge. 

A  546-meter zipline connects the Governor Island to the Virgin island. 

At the Quezon island we had our lunch and swimming. 

There were a good number of tourists at the island. 

Our group taking their lunch. 

Some of the corals that could be seen at the Quezon Island. 

One of the giant clams they are growing. 

A cave that we visited on our way back to town. 

Had snacks at the Maxine by the Sea upon coming back from the island hopping. 

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