Sunday, May 21, 2006

Enchanting Sambauan, an island in Maripipi, Biliran

The church and convent of the town of Maripipi

Church altar of Maripipi

Across the church is the Adoration chapel of Maripipi which overlooks the sea.

One has the surrounding view of the sea from the Adoration Chapel

The crystal blue waters of Sambauan beach near Maripipi island in the province of Biliran, Philippines is so inviting that one would just like to stay in the waters forever. This is an uninhabited island good for day tripping and camping.

The beach in Sambauan with the island of Maripipi at the background.

My classmate, Fr. Tony who was then the parish priest of Maripipi.

From the town of Kawayan in Biliran island, where one takes off for Maripipi, the sunset is so breathtaking, its like being cuddled in the arms of God as one sails through the sunset.


Kalani said...

I wish I had the opportunity to set foot on Sambawan islands, but I spent only 3 or 4 nights on Maripipi visiting relatives I've never me before.

arnold gutierrez said...

i wish i was there,u have no clue how wonderful that island is check it guys u wont regret it.take it from me noly im from there,i bet u gonna like it!!!!!!

Josiah said...

Wow! Ang awesome dito! Thanks sharing. I want to go here soon. :)

Anonymous said...

wow this is a great getaway! is the waves ok on june and july? how possible for you to be tour guide? where can we get in touch with you? thank you, how much would it cost?

Al Jeratso said...

No words could ever describe how enchanting it is to set foot on this bottled island paradise! How I do know? I was raised in this island and spent a decade of my childhood here before moving out to a far place. Mind you, if you want tranquility and peace of mind, away from the cacophony of the urban jungles, this is your ideal place to be. Welcome aboard!