Sunday, July 30, 2006

El Nido, Palawan: Paradise Islands

A view from the plane of the town of El NidoLagen Beach Resort in Lagen Island

To get to the El Nido Resorts of Lagen and Miniloc you first have to get a special permission from the office in the town of El Nido if you are not a stay-in guest. You have to dock your boat a distance away from the resort and wait for the speed boats provided by the resorts. Snake Island

One of secluded white beaches in El Nido

 A rock formation just across the Lagen resort

Another white sand beach surrounded by limestone cliffs

Swimming in one of the lagoons.

 The limestones go much deeper into the water more than its height above water in this lagoon.

Miniloc Resort

Fish feeding at the Miniloc Beach Resort after having some cold drinks by the beach.

El Nido islands have varied sites to see from beautiful rock formations, caves, unusual flowers and plants, breathtaking lagoons and white beaches everywhere.


The cheapest way to enjoy El Nido is by renting a cottage from the town of El Nido and then go on discovering the varied islands and sites. Make sure to visit the five star resorts of Lagen and Miniloc and enjoy the site without having to pay the enormous rates. There are good restaurants and bars which you can go in the evenings in the town after enjoying a full day of island hopping and they are not offered in the expensive resorts.

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