Tuesday, February 20, 2007

San Remegio, Cebu

San Remegio is a town in the northwestern part of Cebu, which is 109 km from the capital city. We were invited by Mar and Jane, the shepherd couple of the Bukas Loob ng Diyos in Ormoc, to visit their beachouse there named Villa Elisea. With us were Frs. Allen and Benz and Brod Ben Lagado and his wife. After a long travel from Cebu we had such a very restful stay in the tranquil white beach of San Remegio.

You can have all the beach to yourself in this very peaceful part of San Remegio

I had the grand time of kayaking through the calm waters of the sea.

Frs. Benz and Allen doing a paseo along the beach of San Remegio.
Brod Ben, Mar, Frs. Allen and Benz having a quiet conversation by the beach (below). Just above is the Villa Elisea beach house.
During low tides, the sea becomes a great expanse of shallow water. Sea urchins, shells and other sea creatures become ready for the picking. A girl, above, with a plastic bucket in tow searches for sea shells. The sunset in San Remegio is spectacular. Here fishermen on a boat are getting ready to go out fishing.
From the balcony of Villa Elisea we had a wonderful view of the sea.

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restored beach bum said...

I can see this one as a simple but intimate trip... The place seems quite and serene, it's good for taking a respite from busyness. Thanks for the blog.