Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tugas, Daram, Samar

We had a unique experience when the community of Barangay Tugas, Daram, Samar led by their barangay chairman invited Brod. Fernan Precillas and the priests of Sto. Niño Church in Tacloban to visit their community. The people of Tugas were avid listeners of the radio program "Lamrag han Catolico nga Pagtoo" anchored by Brod. Fernan. Since Brod Fernan resides in Sto. Niño and the priests there are also regular guests of the radio program, we were then invited to visit them for a day of picnic. It was the whole barangay which prepared the food and were there in their "Lamrag han Catolico nga Pagtoo" shirts to welcome us. We took the boat from Babatngon, Leyte to go to Tugas and it took us about an hour of boat ride.

Brod Fernan, (standing middle with dark glasses) and company from Sto. Niño Church posing with his "fans' from Tugas, Daram.
Yours truly with Ate Dolly, Susan, Fr. Randy and Msgr. Ben posing for posterity in front of the abundant food prepared for us.

The community of the Barangay Tugas, Daram led by the barangay chairman prepared a makeshift tent for the sumptuous feast that they tendered for us.Msgr. Ben and Fr. Oscar (2nd and 3rd from left) enjoying the hospitality of the people of Tugas, led by the barangay chairman (4th from left).

Below, Brod Fernan joining in the impromptu dancing after lunch.

Fr. Erby taking a nap after a heavy lunch.

The sea was very calm and clear and I had a great time swimming and snorkeling.

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