Sunday, July 31, 2011


In 2007, the presbyterium of Palo for the first time in many years made a holy retreat outside of Cebu. The venue chosen was the St. Exequiel Moreno Spirituality and Development Center in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Like the Talavera Retreat House in Cebu where we make our yearly retreat, the retreat house in Puerto Princesa was also run by the Agustinian Recollect Sisters. A break from the usual, the archbishop decreed that it would be a time for bonding also for the priests with a tour to the different tourist spots of Puerto Princesa after the retreat. Aside from the city tour where everyone joined, the second day of the tour had the choice of either the Underground River or island hopping at the Honda Bay with special stop at the Dos Palmas Resort. I joined the latter upon knowing that the road to the Underground River has not been fully cemented yet.

The Cathedral of Puerto Princesa.

The St. Exequiel Moreno Spirituality & Development Center of the Agustinians where we had our retreat.

Dos Palmas Resort

Beautifully landscaped swimming pools.

The restaurant at the Dos Palmas. Lunch was included in the tour.

Kayaking around the island and mangroves is one sport that is worth doing at Dos Palmas. The resort has also mountain bikes for touring around.

The fishes have become tame that they always await to be fed.

Aside from Dos Palmas, we also visited some other white sand beaches around the Honda Bay of Puerto Princesa.

Pambato Reef

A long stretch of white sand beach with very few tourists.

A strong rain suddenly poured down while we were island hopping after the visit to the Dos Palmas.

A visit to the Crocodile Farm

Entrance to the Baker's Hill


chikitita said...

kung naging mayaman lang ako o di kaya may sapat na pera, lahat ng pinuntahan mo pupuntahan ko sana.. ilan palang napuntahan ko, peru salamat sa blog mo, ang dami kong napulot na isla dito.. very informative blog site. ilan palang napuntahan ko sa napuntahan mo. Napakasarap tumambay sa beach kahit walang pera.. very refreshing..

Anonymous said...

chikitita, meaning mayaman si beachanatic. hehehe. sana makapunta ka sa lahat ng napuntahan niya! Beachanatic, ano ang masasabi mo???

Anonymous said...

Huwag kayong mainggit kay beachanatic, just start fulfilling your dreams, make a goal to go to a beach resort or island once a year, ul never know, in time it's your way of life. plus pray para bigyan kayo ni Lord ng blessings. Priest si beachanatic, maraming donations and collections. ahahahahahaha