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There are two groups of islets found in Marabut, Samar. One is the Kapuroan found near Osmena, Marabut. I used to visit these islets when I was still assigned in Tacloban. (See blog of Sept 3, 2006 This is nearer to the city and boats are readily available from Brgy. OsmeƱa, where the Catholic parish is situated instead of the town proper of Marabut which is predominantly Aglipayan. The other group is further south about ten kilometers away, already near the town of Marabut. This latter group of islets, there are actually three of them, is called Madong-badong. The bigger one has a cave with a pool inside. The other one is a triangular rock which has a flat surface on one side looking like the face of Fido Dido. I read somewhere that this is called Malatindok. This rock was used as a logo by the Elf Adventure when they came to Samar a few years back. This I have never yet visited until very recently.

A good friend of a priest assigned in Tacloban had a private resort in Brgy. Pinalangga which is near the islets. On one day off, we decided to visit the place. Good we were allowed to use the resort and the facilities they had which included a kayak and a motorboat. After lunch, I took the kayak and paddled to the Madong-badong. On our return, the rest of the group took the motorboat to go to the islets.

The view of the sea from a private resort in Pinalangga, Marabut. The Madung-madong islets can be reached just by kayaking from here.

The Madong-badung islets of Marabut, Samar is already near the town of Marabut.

At the other side of the islet of Madong-badung there is a small opening that could also lead to the cave.

A huge boulder covers the opening of the cave of Madong-badong.

A few corals can be seen at the waters near the entrance of the cave.

A small pool is found inside the cave. Seawater comes from underneath the rocks creating waves as they come inside.

We had to bring the kayak on a higher ground as the waves almost swept it back to the sea.

Looking like the face of Fido Dido, this rock formation was made as the main logo of the Elf Adventure when they came a few years back.


Kaloy said...

The place is so inviting! Hmm, if only I have the money right now, i would really be on my way to this place! who would not love to see this wonderful gifts of nature in real life, right?

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Noelizm said...

Hi! Could you help me how to visit those nice islets? My family of 4 pax is coming to Tacloban next month, and I like to see what Marabut has to offer.


Anonymous said...

I love you so much beachanatic! You love what i love too, the beach!