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Two architect friends of mine now working abroad one in Abu Dhabi and another in Qatar happened to have  simultaneous vacation here in the country. Mark who has already joined me in some trips to the beaches called up to surprise me of his arrival. Right away he suggested or insisted that we go to some beach for a short break. He wanted to go to Batanes which he knew I haven’t been to.  However, we could only squeeze in two days for that considering also my hectic schedule being the month of May with the plentiful fiestas to attend to and the upcoming installation of the new Archbishop of Palo and his limited vacation.  Considering the large expense especially for the airfare, the two days trip would not be worth it.  I told Mark that we just settle for a place nearby which they haven’t been to. Rio who just got married would have to bring his wife of course, so we had to go to some resort instead of an adventure camping trip to some undiscovered beaches. I decided that the island of San Antonio, N. Samar was the perfect place for this short break. 

Two resorts have sprung up just beside the Haven of Fun Beach Resort since we last visited San Antonio: Seashore Spring Beach Resort and Puro Beach Resort which sits between the two resorts.  Since the Haven of Fun was fully booked when we called up, the parish priest of San Antonio who happened to be a former student of mine recommended to us the Seashore Spring Beach Resort. We found out that the latter has lower rates than the others. The resort has also a restaurant hence food is not a problem. The resort has a homey atmosphere with manicured lawns also.  There is just junior fence which separates the beach from the resort. We asked why it was called Seashore Spring Beach Resort. The explanation given was that there is a spring water arising from underneath just at the seashore. Perhaps that explains why there was this oily like surface water by the seashore as the  cold spring water from underneath mixed with the warm water on top.

Jump off point for San Antonio is at the town of Victoria, N. Samar. The fare is only 30 pesos. There are several boats which ply the route any time of the day.  Usually the boat would wait for at least 13 passengers before they would jump off. But if one is in a hurry he can just pay for the lacking passengers and it’s only a twenty minute ride to the island.

I find San Antonio a very refreshing and relaxing experience.  With its white sand beach which is just a few steps away from one’s room, it’s peaceful atmosphere and good food and drinks at very reasonable price all make for a good break.  

The following day I suggested  that we visit the island of Capul which was just behind the island of San Antonio. For 1,500 we were able to get a boat which brought us to Capul and then brought us back to Victoria for our trip back home.  They did not regret  in deciding to go to Capul as we had a good time visiting the church and  the lighthouse with its picturesque landscape.  I also got to swim there, a thing which I was not able to do in my previous visits as the waves were strong by the rocky beach. This time, I had a grand time swimming in what was  an aquarium-like setting,  with beautifully colored corals and vegetation. From the town of Capul, the lighthouse which is at the northern end of the island  is a seven kilometer ride by motorcycle.  They asked for a 200 pesos round trip ride per person.

Contact no for Seashore Beach Resort:  0928-9955-095
Aircon room good for 2 pax w/o TV -  P800.00
Aircon room w TV good for 4 is P1,000.00
Aircon room w/o TV good for 6 pax -  P1,200.00. Additional P100 /pax for excess.
Non aircon w.o TV good for 4 pax – P700. Maximum capacity of 8 to 9 pax P75 additional per pax

New cel number of Haven of Fun Beach Resort: 0917-790-6594
Puro Beach Resort: 0916-545-0468/ 0908-255-6562

 The white sand beach of San Antonio Island, N. Samar

 Sunrise in San Antonio

 The morning sun casts warm color to the resort

 The Puro Beach Resort which is just beside the Seashore Spring

 Puro Beach at the foreground and the Seashore Spring at the back.

 Haven of Fun Beach Resort which was the original resort in this area.

The manicured lawn of Seashore Spring Beach Resort

With a gleaming sun, the resort just looked magnificent.

Snorkeling in San Antonio. 

With a floating cottage we could row further from shore for a fun dive.

With my nephew Ian, Rio and Mark.

At the St. Ignatius Church in Capul with Ian, Rio, Lea, myself and Mark.

Facade of the St. Ignatius Church of Capul

The couple Rio and Lea at the Capul lighthouse 

A magnificent view fronting the lighthouse

Ian, Rio and Mark having fun at the promontory of the lighthouse.

I got to swim this time at the aquarium-like sea by the lighthouse.

The fortress surrounding the church in Capul.


Anonymous said...

you're back!!!! i love you beachanatic!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love you beachanatic. thank you for posting again.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Good looking group in a great looking beach! Wow, this is a great blog!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Good looking group in a great looking beach! Wow, this is a great blog!

Guyito said...

Wow, ganda naman po ng pictures. Andyan din po ako sa Capul around the time na andyan kayo ;) I enjoyed visiting going around the town.

Mika E said...

Looks very nice! What is easiest/fastest way to go from Manila to San Antonio?


Agnes Barsaga said...

I am also a waray, coming from Calbayog City, Western Samar. It so happened that I indexed a magazine that featured San Antonio, Capul Island. Grabe I've gone to Boracay twice, but haven't discovered until now thru online na may paradise resort pala dyan near our place, just like a jewel. Will surely recommend this haven place for future company outing, family reunion and personal visits. Daghang salamat!

Agnes Barsaga said...

From Calbayog, Western Samar pwede kya mag boat going to Capul?

Agnes Sambalilo-Barsaga
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