Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A TOUR OF BICOL REGION - Day 3: Caramoan to Legazpi

Our Day 3 was a road trip along the coastal road of Camarines Sur from San Jose  to Legazpi in Albay.  

Before leaving the town of Caramoan, we visited the old brick parish church of Caramoan where we met the parish priest who was a bike enthusiast. We then took  the jeepney for the Guijalo port for our boat ride to San Jose.  By ten in the morning we already arrived in Talisay, San Jose where we retrieved our cars for our drive to Legazpi.  We paid visits to the old churches along the way: San Jose,  Goa,  Tigaon and Sagñay  of Camarines Sur. Since our dinner the night before was free, the hotel prepared for us packed lunch which we ate at the church plaza in Sagnay. After that short lunch break we were again on the road now entering the province of Albay. We passed by the churches of  Tiwi, Malinao, Tobaco, Malilipot and  a side trip to the town of Bacacay.  It was Fr. Ronnie Barreda who requested that we make the side trip to Bacacay as he wanted to meet his half siblings for the first time  who were residing in Bacacay. It did not take long for him to find the residence of his siblings. Fr. Ronnie had only met before one of his half sister when his father died. It was indeed quite an emotional moment for them to finally meet after all these years.  The next stop for us was the Lignon Hill in Legazpi, then the ruins of the old church of Daraga which was destroyed by the eruption of Mayon Volacano and its present church which now sits on top of a hill. We stayed overnight at the Magayon Hotel in Legazpi.

Magayon Hotel, Legazpi – 0916-8229985

The church of San Jose, Camarines Sur

San Jose, Camarines Sur

The church of Goa, Camarines Sur

Facade of the church of Goa

The Encuentro tower with the Sacred Heart on top at the church plaza of Goa.

The church of Tigaon,  Camarines Sur

The church of Sagnay, Camarines Sur

The altar of the church of Sagnay

Inside the church of Sagnay

Taking a photo of the church of Sagnay from the reflection of the window of the car. 

Taking our packed lunch at the church plaza of Sagnay.

Taking a breather on a picturesque part of the road going to Tiwi. 

One of sights along the country road. 

The church of Tiwi, Albay. 

Inside the church of Tiwi

The altar of Tiwi church

The stations of the cross in Tiwi

The church of Malinao, Albay

The church of Tabaco, Albay

The altar of the church of Tabaco, Albay

A close up of the altar of Tabaco

The church place of Tabaco, Albay

A sculpture at the plaza across the church of Tabaco.

The church of Malilipot, Albay

The church of Bacacay, Albay

The altar of the church of Bacacay

Bacacay Church

The newly found relatives of Fr. Ronnie Barreda (yellow shirt). 

Lignon Hill overlooking the city of Legazpi and Mayon Volcano.

A group picture from the Lignon Hill

A couple having a good time viewing Mayon Volcano whose top is covered by clouds.

The souvenir shop on Lignon Hill

The ruins of the old Daraga church with Mayon Volcano at the background.

The present Daraga Church

The chuch of Daraga has a commanding view of Mayon Volcano

Inside the church of Daraga.

Just beside the church of Daraga is an outdoor cafe with a perfect view of Mayon Volcano

What an idyllic place to spend some moments for rest and drinks with a picturesque background

Taking a breather after a long day of travel at the church cafe. 


Anonymous said...

Yohoo! i love this beachanatic! Where's more? I'll visit the Philippojnes already!

Orville said...

love the pics! i should these places =D

ayame zankokuna said...

Great pictures! I just want to know if you'd drive from Caramoan to Tiwi via Presentacion road? Hope to hear from you soon! :)

agent_1925 said...

had a chance to traverse caramoan to tiwi on may 2015. many of the roads are under rehabilitation. the highway view is reminiscent of tge road to el nido, palawan...