Monday, June 11, 2012


We had an early breakfast at the Caritas Christi Prayer and Renewal Center so that we were able to leave Naga by  6:45  in the morning.  The trip brought us west of the Camarines Sur province to the port of Talisay, San Jose where we were to take the boat that would bring us to Guijalo, Caramoan.  I earlier contacted the Rex Tourist Inn in Caramoan and they offered us a package which included the round trip boat trip from San Jose to Caramoan, the hotel accommodation, three meals and island hopping for 1,800 per person. A special boat just for our group was already waiting when we arrived in Talisay, San Jose.  The boat ride took a little more than two hours.  Arriving at Guijalo which is the port in Caramoan at past eleven in the morning we took a jeepney which brought us to our hotel, the Rex Tourist Inn.  The Rex Tourist Inn that I knew was the one found in the town of Caramoan. I was surprised when we just went past the town and were offloaded in a place already outside of the town proper.  It was only then that I learned that the Rex Tourist Inn had opened an annex outside of the town in Paniman on a hilly  space with a river at back where the guests would take their boat for the island hopping.  Their nipa hut dining area sits just at the edge of the river and one had a good view of the river bend.  Just as soon as we took our lunch we were already off to our island hopping trip which brought us to four small islands of Lahos, Matukad, Cagbalinad and Minalahos.  The sea was already quite choppy this time. When we were about to dock at Lahos island, with the waves so strong, the “timonero” was not able to control his boat that the left outrigger got smashed in the rocks. We had a little fright of our lives as the boat riding on a big wave crashed to the island shore.

          In the evening we had a dinner invitation  at the residence of Bp. Manolo de los Santos, bishop of Virac who happened to be home as they were celebrating the “tapos” (40th day of his parent, am not sure now whether it was his father or mother).

           Rex Tourist Inn, Caramoan – Contact no. - 0919-8821879

Lahos Island in Caramoan

Aguirangan Island

The Caritas Christi Prayer and Renewal Center in Conception Pequeña, Naga City.

The lobby of the Retreat house

Native dish were served us during breakfast

Enjoying an early breakfast at the Caritas Christi

After a two hour drive from Naga, we reached the port of Talisay, San Jose where a boat was waiting for us.
The boat that would bring us to Caramoan at the port of Talisay in San Jose.

This Aguirangan island  with beautiful  white sand beach can be seen on the  way to Caramoan. 

From the port of Guijalo in Caramoan it was still a five kilometer  jeepney ride to the town of Caramoan.  The jump off point for the island hopping would be at the other side of the town in Paniman.  

The Rex Tourist Inn Annex in Paniman.

Sports facilities like this billiards table and volleyball were available.

The Diring area sits over the river which was already the jump off point for the island hopping.

Taking our lunch

They had good servings of food. 

A view of the river from the dining area. 

We boarded the boat from our hotel for our island hopping adventure.

The boat winded through the river for about twenty minutes until it reached the open sea. 

Approaching Lahos island.

Lahos island

Lahos island

At Matukad island

Climbed over the limestone cliff to get down to the pool below where a lone bangus lived.

At the residence of Bp. Manolo de los Santos (3rd from left standing) who invited us for dinner.

It confounds me to see an old brick church in a place so far from the rest of the province. The road going to the place has not yet been finished so that there are no regular buses that go to Caramoan. Hence boats are the ordinary means of transportation in going to the place.

The church altar of Caramoan

The parish priest (r) is a bike enthusiast. With the rugged roads in the Caramoan peninsula, it would  indeed be a perfect place for mountain biking. 

We are ready to retrieve our cars for our coastal road trip from San Jose, 
Camarines Sur to Legazpi.


Anonymous said...

i am excited for the Day 3 blog!

Michelle Sanchez said...

Caramoan is a very beautiful Island. Love this.

Anonymous said...

what you went to in caramoan is just tip of the iceberg. there are other equally great beaches and island there.Nice trip just the same!