Wednesday, April 13, 2016


 The installation of Bp. Marcelino Antonio M. Maralit, Jr, DD, as the new bishop of Boac, Marinduque offered us the opportunity to travel to Marinduque.  A day  before his installation with some priests and other bishops we took the boat from Lucena to the Balanacan  Port in Marinduque. We were billeted at the Tahanan sa Isok Hotel and Restaurant in Boac.  In the evening, a dinner program was hosted by the provincial government of Marinduque to officially welcome Bp. Maralit  and other guests to the island province.  One of the highlights of the program was the welcome dance headed by the lady governor,  including her congressman daughter and  other officials of the town and province. In this dance they were holding crowns made from nito with a miniature carving of a Moriones helmet which they later placed on the heads of the bishop and other guests.  There was also the special participation of some Moriones of which Marinduque is famous for.


The Balanacan port in Marinduque has a big statue of the Bl. Virgin Mary.

Moriones were a special feature of the program that night. 

The lady governor and the officials of the province and town giving their formal welcome of the new bishop and other guests with crowns which they later placed on the heads of the visitors. 

The crowns already placed on the head of the guests.

Bp. Maralit giving his response. 

There are plenty of old houses in Boac. 

Heritage houses in Boac. 

Street lined with heritage houses in Boac. 

The back view of the Cathedral with the bishop's residence on top. Students are ready to welcome the arrival of the Papal Nuncio. 

          The Cathedral and the bishop’s residence at the back is on an elevated portion of the town. From the bishop’s house one could see the houses at the back part of the town. The church is made from bricks and adobe stones.  The right side of the church is surrounded by thick walls as a fortification.  

The altar retablo of the Cathedral. 

The Cathedra of the bishop of Boac is made of marble. 

The Stations of the Cross were carved and fitted to the wheel of a calesa. 

Bas relief carvings on the main door of the Cathedral of the four evangelists. 

    Just beside the Cathedral on its left is another building which houses the Diocesan Shrine of Mahal na Birhen ng Biglang Awa.  Another priest with his own residence within the building is assigned here.  Masses are also being held at the Shrine. 

The statue of the Mahal na Birhen ng Biglang Awa. 

The fortified walls of  surrounding the Cathedral. 

Entrance into the Cathedral. 

The bishop's residence and Chancery. 

Abp. Palma donning the Moriones helmet. The bishops were each given a Moriones helmet as a souvenir. The helmet is made of wood carved with different faces of Roman soldiers. 

While on the private plane going back to Manila, had the opportunity to put on the Moriones helmet on flight. 

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