Sunday, April 10, 2016


            On our trip to Cagayan, we noticed on the map that Tabuk was not that far from Piat. So we decided that after visiting the shrine of Piat we will proceed to Tabuk, Kalinga and pay a short visit to Bp. Andaya.  On our GPS, a route was suggested in which we will not be going back to Tuguegarao but instead cut across through some barangays leading to the main road going to Tabuk.  Although, most of the parts were not cemented yet the road was not that rough. After an hour and a half we reached the bishop’s residence of Tabuk. Bp. Andaya was very happy to see us. He said that he kept on inviting people from the Nunciature and the CBCP and we are among the first.  The bishop showed us his place which included a building for the pastoral center separate from the Chancery and the bishop’s office.  The bishop even brought us to see his pet deers which had become tame already.

            After our lunch, we visited the Cathedral which was about a kilometer away from the bishop’s house. It was along the highway. In fact the main entrance was just a few steps away from the highway.  The main altar featured a stained glass window of two panels. The top panel depicted the descent of the holy spirit while the lower panel featured the resurrection of Christ. Below the stained glass window divided by a big cornice was the crucifix and three-foot statue of two saints on each side. Unique also were the Stations of the Cross which were carved and placed around the pillars surrounding the church. 


The St. William's Cathedral of Tabuk was just in front of the highway. 

Church interior of the Cathedral. 

The stained glass window on the altar depicting the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the top panel and the Resurrection of Christ below. 

The Cathedra and the altar table. 

Statue of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary by the side altar. 

Bas relief of the Stations of the Cross on the rounded pillars in the church.

The Stations of the Cross were carved and posted in the rounded columns of the church. 

This chapel of the Divine Mercy was just outside of the Cathedral. 

A souvenir pose with Bp. Andaya (third from left).

Bishop Andaya showing me the area and properties by the bishop's residence and pastoral center. 

Bishop Andaya showing his pet deer. 

A chapel on the grounds on the bishop's residence and pastoral center. 

The Pastoral Center of the Apostolic Vicariate of Tabuk. 

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