Friday, April 15, 2016


Our itinerary for the day was the Tres Marias group of islands of Lugbon, Alad and Cobrador. Our first destination was the island of Cobrador. Our host in Cobrador, Albert early that morning passed by Villa del Mar informing us that the boat would be ready by seven o’clock in the morning.  I first  concelebrated with Bp. Arci at the six a.m. mass. Ronnie and Josh decided to explore Bonbon beach early that morning.  We had to wait for  them as we readied for our island hopping tour that day. The boat which was borrowed by Albert from a friend of his who owns a scuba diving shop was just big for us.  Fr. Nars, our host and Albert the host in Cobrador and the four of us were on this trip to Cobrador. Albert said that we will sail in between the two islands of Lugbon and Alad in proceeding to the Cobrador so that we could have a closer look at the two islands. The trip was less than an hour that by nine o’clock we were already in Cobrador island.  The private resort of Albert and his wife Patricia, who is a Swiss national was at the end of the cove in the sitio called Macaray-caray. The locals had their houses just nearby.  It had white sand beach all over and grassy and coral vegetation on the sea. The couple had a native  house near the rocky hill. Another cottage  with just one bedroom was just nearby. This cottage, the couple would offer to tourists who would like to stay. Mostly they have foreign guests who would  to stay for a week or so. But they accept guests only when they are there which is from October to the middle of May as it is Patricia who cooks. The rest of the year they spend in Switzerland.  The rate that they charge is 2,600 for two persons or 1,500 for a single person. That includes already the cottage, big brunch, dinner, snacks, mineral water, coffee and unlimited tea. They call their place as the Turtle Cove. Cell Number is 0918-2170 432; Email: and Facebook: turtlecovecobrador

 They had a gazebo by the beach  where we were entertained. Patricia already prepared some Swiss bread that she baked and coffee. Later, she would serve some Swiss meal with a beautiful presentation to boot.  Went snorkeling right away.  I later on also went  around the village and passed by two other coves with white sand and no one around. 

Patricia was saying that the island just got their 24 hour electricity last Feb 20, 2016. The ADB put up a solar powered plant on the island. Since then, she was saying that the village has already become  noisy from the early hours of the morning until late at night with the videokes blasting songs one after the other. That day when we came the videokes were silent. Patricia was saying that the people were informed that some priests were visiting, perhaps in difference, they turned off their videokes. 

We were told that just in front, there are three sea turtles that feed on the grass almost everyday. I would later see two of them in the afternoon when I did my second snorkel. 

We left by four in the afternoon. Albert did not join us anymore. We passed by the other side of the island of Cobrador. Since it was already lowtide, we were not able to dock at Alad island, but just from afar, we anchored our boat and went swimming. 

The boat in coming back from Cobrador anchored at Bonbon beach which was already near Villa del Mar. Dinner that evening was at the Cathedral. 

Leaving the port of Romblon for Cobrador Island. 

Romblon harbor  at the back. 

Romblon harbor.

One of the rocky parts of Romblon.

Lugbon island.

A white beach resort in Alad island. 

Approaching Cobrador island. 

Cobrador island. 

Turtle Cove in Cobrador Island. 

Small islets near the end of the cove in Cobrador island. 

Turtle Cove of Albert and Patricia is at the southern end of the Cobrador island 

In front of Turtle Cove in Cobrador island. 

The Turtle Cove is at the southern end of  Cobrador island. 

Turtle Cove. 

The gazebo at the Turtle cove. 

The Turtle Cove resort of Albert and Patricia. 

The native house of Albert and Patricia. 

Hammocks for relaxation. 

Patricia preparing our lunch at the kitchen. 

The lunch that Patricia prepared. 

A Swiss meal for lunch. 

With Albert and Patricia. 

The cottage that is available for guests. 

The bedroom of the guest room. 

The toilet and shower room of the guest room. 

Sea urchins. 

Sea grass that the sea turtles come to feed on. 

Some of the corals that can be seen in Cobrador island. 

Corals and small fishes. 

Clown fish and small black with white spots fishes

One of the three  sea turtles that inhabit this part of the cove. 

The pedestrian path that connects the barangay from one sitio to the other. 

Another deserted beach in Cobrador island. 

Another beach with grassy vegetation. 

The chapel of Cobrador island. 

Beautiful white beach of Cobrador island with crystal clear waters. 

The chapel of Cobrador island. 

Inside the chapel. 

Basketball court of the barangay. 

The local houses near the Turtle cove. 

Village houses in Cobrador island. 

A group picture with Albert and Patricia. 

Other white beaches north of  Cobrador Island.

Alad island. 

Alad island. 

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